Activities are done to ease leisure time. Make your activities productive and useful. There are a lot of things you can spend your time wisely, and for a kid to enjoy their leisure time and make useful.

I am a very creative kid, and I always spend my vacant time writing songs and poems; creating my own music, expressing my own feeling in tune. Sometimes I just find myself sitting in one corner, strumming my guitar or pressing keys on my piano, polishing every verse I wrote. To help me improve my writing skills my mom even bought me a rhyming dictionary.

She helps me in making my songs. It’s these kids’ activities a child can excel and improve their skills and talents. Enhancing their vocabulary and channeling their inner thoughts to lyrics and words. And sometimes we make a song together about a lot of things; about mother and daughter relationships, friendship, family, and love. She also helps me in finding the perfect tune for my song whether it’s upbeat or a sad song. I really enjoy doing this activity with my mom; she helps me correct things in my songs. Sometimes my brother and sisters also help us in writing. We contribute ideas and lyrics and after writing a song we sing it on our piano and save it on a portfolio. On occasions, we bring out our composed songs and sing it.

My poems get publish on our school newspapers and it really inspires me whenever I see my fellow students read them. One of my poems was putted on our annual yearbook in school. It’s very lifting when my schoolmates and my teachers congratulate me about my newly publish poem. My poems usually tackle the idea of education and learning that can help students and inspire them to go to school and learn. Writing for the school paper also helps me in my grades. It is added in extra co-curricular as a journalist in school. When our school holds a talent show or something students ask me ideas for themes and tips for the school activity. My poems being featured daily makes my schoolmates look up to me and they want to be like especially those who are much younger than I am.

My older brother also has a kid activity. He is very well in cartooning, everyday he grabs his sketch pad and begins to draw. He lets me and my younger sister to fill in the colors. His outworks are also publishing in our school newspapers, his drawings are usually used in editorials. One of his best art was featured on our village’s daily newspapers. My mom and dad, always pursue to continue our kids activities, because it helps us improve our talents. They always say that they are so very proud of us.

Doing our activities which eventually became our hobby it also sharpens and expands our imagination. By these we get to show the world our talents and the things we can do. Everyday we get to do the things we love and enjoy and along the way people see our craft and art.


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